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I am in the process of finding a new venue for selling my handmade treasures. I don't sell enough items to justify paying a monthly fee (which ArtFire now charges), or to pay for a posting fee, plus selling fees, (which Etsy does). And I find that I don't enjoy the work that goes along with maintaining a on-line shop. So, until I get it all figured out, here is my plan:

If you see something on my site that you would like to own, send me an e-mail or comment in the post. Just about everything I make is available as I tend to make a bunch while I am hooked on whatever it is I am currently creating.

I am happy to take custom orders. A few fun items that would be super cute as a custom order are:

-Hand Print Pillows-
You send me tracings of the little (or big) hands you would like on a pillow with some ideas about colors or patterns, and I will make you a pillow. The make great gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. $10 and up (plus shipping).

-High Five Pillows-
This is a different version of the pillow above. These would be fun for all kinds of occasions- to mark the passage of time, gifts for cousins or BFF's, or just because they are cool. $7 and up (plus shipping)

-Hand Print Tree Kit-
You send me a tracing of the little (or big) hand and arm, I will send you back a "tree trunk," lots of leaves, and the canvas to glue everything onto as well as an instruction sheet. $20 each (plus shipping).

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