Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome To My New Blog!

I have no real reason to start a new blog except for the fact that I really like the name of my ArtFire shop, KaoticKrafter, and I wanted to create a blog with the same name.

I just entered the crafting scene in September 2009. For some odd reason I decided I wanted to teach myself to crochet. I was going through a rough patch for whatever reason and thought a nice, quite, calming craft would be soothing to my soul. Turns out it was, but it was also energizing, exciting, and door opening. I am still have a lot to learn as far as crochet goes, but each day it seems I am learning about a "new" form of crafting that I just have to try! Craft forms I have been known to dabble in are: jewelry making, sewing (clothes, stuffies, blankets, really just anything that comes to mind), crocheting, knitting, felting, paper making, scrapbooking, soap making, and possibly a few I have forgotten about. Out of that list the activities are partake in most are, crocheting, sewing, paper making, and felting.

The other thing you might want to know about me is that I am very into becoming as green as possible. I have no idea when this all started, but that is where I am headed. When I lived in AZ, we were able to recycle just about everything. In the town we currently live in, they don't collect or recycle anything. Now I try to find was to reduce, reuse, and upcycle just about everything that enters my home. Here are a few examples:

-We have a worm farm in our basement for composting our kitchen scraps as well as a compost pile in the side yard.
-This past year we grew our own tomatoes and peppers and we plan to grow way more in numbers and variety this coming season.
-I recycle most of the paper that comes into my house by either sending it back through my printer to use the blank side, or by turning it into home made paper (which we then give to friends and family or use for art projects).
-All the PB jars that come into this house (and there are a lot) get used to store buttons, ribbon, string, etc.
-Most of the frozen juice containers get used to hold pencils, and other office type items.

Well, I know we do more then that, but apparently I am finally tired enough to go to sleep.

For now, if you would like to see some of the things I have done, or to learn a little more about me, check out my original blog Ready, Set, J.E.T.

Thanks for stopping by!

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