Thursday, March 18, 2010

Giveaway Winners and Quick Update

So, on Sunday I used the random number generator to select my winners. I usually have Emma and Jared just pick random numbers, but they were asleep. Anyways, here are my winners:

Stash Mama won the brag books.

Beauty Vibes won the Granny Bag.

Abby won Flower.

Resweater won Buddy.

I will have lots more to blog about in a few more days. Emma is spending the week with Gramma, so I have been a full fledged KaoticKrafter for the last few days. Lots to show and tell about, so stay tuned :)

Oh, and way over due, but I wanted to share with you the items I won for the One World One Heart giveaway.

Thank you Deann at Caya Papaya! The art work is beautiful! I have them hanging up all around the studio. Emma has claimed one as her own, but I can't remember which one :( That's ok, her mama taught her how to share ;)

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