Monday, March 1, 2010

Headed to the Beach

Don't I wish. I did however dream of going to the beach while I made this beach bag for my sister, Amber.

The outside of this bag is made of outdoor fabric, the inside is made of vinyl. Let me tell you, I am not a big fan of sewing with vinyl. It's sticky and slippery at the same time. I had grand plans for pockets inside and out, but after fighting with the vinyl for most of the day, I decided to quite with just a bag. It is big enough to hold 5 towels and a few toys, mission accomplished.

Something else of interested happened to me today. As I was browsing the internet this morning, I heard a noise coming from my scrap bin. Let me tell you, I was a little startled to see this.

As I reached over, he decided he needed a break from all that work, I got a chance to see his face.

I was a little unsure what to do with this little fellow, but he seemed very comfortable with the situation. He introduced himself as Super Scrappy and we sat and chatted for a while. I was excited to learn that he is from the planet Felton. Yup, he is made mostly of felt. His super power? Saving wool sweaters from the trash.
He has informed me that he would like to stay here for a while, with my permission, and I have agreed. I may even put him to work.

Hope you had an interesting day also!

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