Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Instant Feltification - Tissue Holders

Ok, I am a big fan of little effort and big reward. Call me lazy, I am ok with that. My favorite form of crafts are the ones that take just a few minutes and end up cute and functional. This tutorial from Kris at Resweater, is the perfect example.

I bet your are thinking, "Tissue holders. What am I suppose to do with those?"

Well, my answer would be, "Put tissues in them."

Of course, if you are not someone who carries around little packs of tissues, then this won't really appeal to you. I don't typically carry them around, but these cute tissue holders might make me change my mind. I also know some other people who carry tissues around and it would be a fun little gift to surprise them with.

I mean, who wouldn't get a kick out of this fun little thing?

For the nature lovers out there, the combination of recycled wool and this fun design would be just right.

All of them a pretty fun, and they are easy to make. The star, squares, and circle ones? Emma (my 4yo) did all the needle felting on those. We had a blast! I cut the rectangles, she needle felted, I sewed them up. She loves to be able to help and she loves to use the adult tools. I figure by the end of this year she will be using my sewing machine...

Anyway, here are the individual shots of the rest I made. Already excited to make more!!

If you want to make some of these for yourself (or someone else), Kris has been nice enough to make a tutorial on her site, Resweater.

Happy Felting!!


  1. Thanks for the mention! :)

    I have always carried tissues with me in my purse, and hated that they turned to linty shreds because they were not protected, so for me they serve a very valuable purpose.... and they're cute! ;)


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