Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

I think that saying is suppose to mean that just because the cover looks boring, doesn't mean the book is. I also learned that just because it looks kid friendly, doesn't mean it is. Even if it is an atlas.

Emma and I where at Broders. I REALLY wanted to go to Joann Fabrics, but I am trying to actually stick to my April Stash Bust pledge. Little did I know that I wasn't even safe at Borders...

We started our shopping in the clearance section. My favorite, next to free, is clearance. My first stumble with the Bust pledge was when I ran across a cute little kids kit for making stuffed bears. I immediately thought of my friend, Des. Des just recently introduced her daughter to sewing (here is her post about it)and I thought this little kit would be perfect! There was only one, and it was super cheap, so I decided to get it.

My next stumble, was totally unintentional. Emma and I where browsing through the atlas clearance section when we ran across this book: Atlas, Schmatlas. I flipped through it quickly at the store and I LOVED the hand drawn maps. I figured it would be a good book for Emma to just look through until she was ready to read. The info looked pretty good also (though geography is not my strongest subject).

Anyway, I got home and decided to sit down and look through the book. I read the first page and started to wonder what exactly I had bought. The more I flipped through the more I realized this was not a kid friendly book. When I found the first "F bomb" I knew Emma was not going to be reading this book. As I got a few pages further and found a digital cartoon drawing of two people having "relations" (not explicit, but you could tell what they where doing), I decided then and there that I would use the maps to make postcards. I had cut up just about all of the maps in the book, scanning each one as I went, when I cam across one map that also had the f bomb on it. Great. Now I have to go back through each and every one to make sure they are all rated PG or lower :(

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

The reason I decided to make them into postcards? Emma and I signed up at PostCrossing to send and receive postcards. Being thrifty (or cheap), I decided to make our own postcards. With Jared's addiction to Sunbelt granola bars, we have the perfect recyclable material for making our very own postcards!

I am putting together a postcard tutorial for my next post, so check back!


  1. Ha ha! I don't think it's a fail to buy something for someone as a gift - so don't feel guilty! As for the F-bomb map, once you make a postcard out of it, you should post your funny story & a pic of the final product at!

  2. I finally made the postcards, but I need to get some better pictures of them. is an awesome site! Makes me feel like I am not the only one who "learns by fire."


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