Friday, April 23, 2010

Featured Friday - jYOUlry

I have another great shop for you today!! I have to tell you, the thing I like the most about being part of Shops With Less Than 10 Sales is all the cool new people I am meeting.

With that being said, let me tell you a little about Lisa, and her shop jYOUlry, "Where the jewel is YOU."

"jYOUlry was created by a WAHM. Lisa is the mother of three boys and an interior designer but when she and her family recently relocated to Panama, she had to close her firm in Florida and become a stay-at-home mom. While her kids keep her life very busy, she was in need of a creative outlet. Lisa was looking for something different, unique, something she could make but also sell.

Years ago Lisa had bought a necklace with a photo pendant of her two older boys on it. When she was pregnant with the baby, she called about ordering a new one, but sadly they were no longer making them. It was then that the idea was born, “I’ll make one myself” Lisa said. So she began her new business venture with the idea to replace the simple necklace she had. Though it didn't take long for the designer in her to shine through, and the custom designed collection of photo jewelry was born!

Best of all, Lisa believes in low, affordable prices! “I wanted a product that was an amazing gift and still affordable in this economy.” You will find other comparable products online at double her prices. jYOUlry is a unique gift idea and each sterling silver piece is a keepsake. Your photo is reproduced and permanently sealed onto the charm or pendant of your choice, with a water and scratch resistant resin, giving your gift a beautiful glass-like finish, guaranteed to bring a smile to its recipient; but beware… sometimes you get tears too!"

I love jYOUlry, but I have to admit that Lisa's shop makes me a little sad also. Sad that I don't like to wear jewelry. Although, some of her pieces make me want to give it another try!

Here are a few of the pieces that I really like:

Custom Photo Keychain. This I could probably manage, as I don't actually have to wear it.

Custom Photo Bracelet - 5 round links (mothers day is just around the corner!!)

Custom Photo Wine Glass Charms. How perfect would these be for someones wedding or for an anniversary party?

Lisa has a lot of other super awesome stuff in her shop, so take a minute and visit jYOUlry, "Where the jewel is YOU."


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me!!! It's great! Friends like you are exactly why I added so many photo accessories. I have a lot of friends that love my stuff but don't wear much jewelry either! i love the key chains, and the purse hanger is a big hit with my "non-jewelry wearing" friends, LOL.... I am glad you like it and thanks again for the feature!!!

  2. Not a problem, Lisa. I am excited to see those earrings you mentioned...


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