Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back with a Bang!

Emma and I have gotten back into crafting now that school has started back up for Jared. We have actually gone a little crazy with it, but we are having fun and the only house looks like a small tornado went through it.

We have decided to try to bring out friends over to the crafty side, so we will be hosting a Craft Party on the 11th. We are so excited!

What is a craft party you ask?

Well, for us, a craft party is an excuse to have friends come over and make a crafty mess.

We will be tie-dyeing. Emma and I first experienced tie-dyeing a few weeks ago at Prairieland Herbs Sample Sunday event.

Here is a picture of what Emma made.

We didn't really have anything to tie-dye, so the morning of the Sample Sunday I whipped up a cute jumper, attached a previously freezer paper stenciled design, and away we went.

We also discovered hula hooping during the same event, but that will have to be a story for another day:)

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  1. Her little tunic is so cute! That sounds like it will be a great day!


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