Friday, January 21, 2011

Hats Galore!

I have been commissioned to make some hats. 

The woman who cleans our teeth is the same woman who does our family photos (you know, being "Paula the dental hygienist" is just her secret identity, she is really Paula the Super Photographer). Her company is This Day Photography, and I could spend all night telling you how much we love having our pictures taken by Paula and how much we love the pictures she produces, but I should go to bed at some point, so I will try to stay on task.

While Emma was sitting in the dentists chair the other day, Paula asked if I still crochet. 

It may not seem so here, but yes, I still do. 

Paula then asked if I could crochet her some hats. 

I thought, "Awesome, now Emma's poor head will get a break because someone else will be wearing the hats I make!"

Paula, however, did not want hats for herself, she wanted hats for itty, bitty babies. The ones she takes pictures off. 

The images that came to mind where stunning, knowing what I know about the photos that Paula takes. And I was honored that she wanted my hats in her awesome pictures with the adorable newborn babies. 

So of course I said yes. 

Did you know how hard it is to make hats for a new born when you crochet like I do? One of the reasons Emma has so many hats is because her head and my head are the only heads available for me to measure against. 

My solution to this dilemma is to make a bunch of different sized itty, bitty hats. Besides, not all baby heads are created equal. 

I have finished a few and will continue to work on some more until I can make a trip out to Paula to deliver the goods. I like to offer choices when someone gives me a general idea of what they want (as if I am a pro at this sort of thing, ha!).

Meanwhile, I took today "off." Jared has Fridays off from school, so I typically make plans to do errands on my own or something fun for myself on Fridays. Today was the ultimate 'me' day.

I started off with a meditation class, which I am enjoying, then I headed over to Finess Spa Salon in Ames for a Mani/Pedi that I got an awesome deal on through Groupon. While I was lounging around with my tootsies soaking in the pedicure throne, I was finishing up a crochet hat that I was making for Emma (I know, give the poor kid a break). The woman being pampered next to me, Angie, started asking some questions about what I was working on. I was enjoying chatting about crafting and such, because it is one of the only subjects I feel really knowledgeable in. 

Then she asked me if I would make her a hat.

"Really, that would be so awesome?!?" is what was going through my mind. 

But, I played it cool. I simple asked what color she would like, "Black" was her reply. "And white, I would like a black and a white one." 

Now, it is a good thing I had my feet soaking, otherwise I probably would have done my happy dance and embarrassed myself. 

I mean, it isn't every day someone likes my stuff enough to want me to make one for them. And two different people in the same week! I love my stuff, and Emma loves my stuff (to a certain point), but other people? That just makes what I already love to do more enjoyable. 

'Cause really, I am going to make the stuff anyway, but when I can find a home for it where it will be loved and appreciated, that gives me a warm glow. 

So Angie and I exchanged e-mail addresses, and I starting thinking about the fun that I was going to have making a black hat and a white hat. 

White seems to be a popular color right now. Me personally, I feel there is enough white stuff falling all around me, but I have to admit the white hats look nice :)

Just so you don't think the only thing I make is hats, here are a few pictures (taken by Emma, my 5yo) of some horse/unicorns/llamas that I made for her. 

The middle one was the first one I made, and it is knitted. Yes, I decided to knit something because it was a horse and I have been promising Emma I would make her a horse for about a year now. Thankfully the pattern and directions where easy (and in a video format). I did end up paying for it though, but it was well worth the money. 

After taking forever to knit it, I decided to try to make my own with crochet. The didn't come out as great, but Emma loves them anyway. She is so good to my ego!

Well, it is almost tomorrow, and tomorrow I head out to AZ for a week to help my grandmother move. I best get to bed because I have a lot to do tomorrow before I leave...

p.s. I promise to post pictures of the hats once I have them finished. Have a great week!

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