Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crafty Swapping

As if I haven't had enough on my plate, I went out and got hooked on crafty swapping. I am currently signed up for 4 different swaps over at Craftsters.org.

Sweat Shoppe Swap: Make 5-10 of the same item to swap.

Random Acts of Kindness: 3 different send outs, 3 different secret partners, 3 "unexpected" packages with fun surprises in them.

Clock Swap: Make a clock and swap it.

Inchie My Theme: Creating works of art 1sq in at a time.

I love them! I would sign up for more, but the shipping is costing me more then I figured and with Jared taking summer classes this summer, money will be pretty tight. So, I will finish up these swaps then take a break for a while.

Here are a few pictures from my swaps so far:
Sweat Shoppe Swap- I made felt flower and vinyl bowls/cups. 

Random Acts of Kindness- This swap is still in progress so I will show the first round of swapping that is finished. 
Round 1 items I sent out
Round 1 items I received 
Round 2 item I received

I love that we are getting so many fun horse items!

For the Clock Swap, I attempted to make a clock today, but my idea, though awesome looking, didn't work out. The hands of the clock wouldn't go around. The tree gets in the way. 

I do love the way it looks though. I am going to see if I can find a clock set up where the hands are higher up, but if I can't, it will make awesome art :)

Next are some of the inchies I am working on. I am new to making inchies, so bear with me. 

The color red, and cats where 2 of the themes to work with for this partner.

Butterflies and fairies for this partner.

Fairy Tales. 

Can you guess which fairy tale this is from?

After a bit I got side tracked by my 1sq" whole punch and my stack of magazines. Did you know that there are a lot of cool things that fit nicely in a 1" square? 

I sure do now!




Blingy flowers

Cool backgrounds

And lots of other fun stuff! Some of the coolest pictures came from junk mail, the other from my Fire Mountain Gems catalog that I keep meaning to cancel. 

That is about all that has been going on here. I am trying to get settled back into the rhythm of home, and so far so good. There is laundry to catch up on, dishes to do, but most importantly, family to love. We have been doing a lot of nothing, but we are enjoying doing it together :)

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