Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Altered Journal Pages

I discovered that using my scanner produces better shots of my altered journal pages. Well, except for the squiggly line down the center of some. 

Black and White Inchies

Weird randomness 

Decided to make a calendar in the front of the book. 

Currently trying to write a poem to go with this page. I may just end up writing a story. 

My first collage person. I want those tights!

Rearranging the family/craft/weight room

This page was fun. Tissue paper, flowers from Dora napkins and a horse from brochure.

Pictures from the actually readers digest I am currently mutilating. 

Weird randomness

Emma's art! She loves to draw giraffes. She is pretty critical of her horse drawings so there are not as many. 

2nd collaged person and picture from the book. 

My goal is to try and create a new page every day, but it may not happen. At the end of July I plan to use up whatever pages are left in the back of the book to make a little storage nook (in a book!). Then I will start a new altered journal in August (unless something shiny catches my eye...).


  1. oh hullo Tina, I found your blog from craftleftovers blog, oh gosh, I love your journals, I love your drawing skills (I cannot, absolutely cannot draw), I love your collage, I love your making from what others would discard. I have a room that is dedicated to all things collected and when I get time to make them into better stuff. It's filling up faster than I can make the stuff, but I can't bring myself to cull it either, because I know that one day. . . . . . I will need it and will wish I hadn't culled it. Have a wonderful weekend at your place, and I so look forward to following you.

  2. Joyce, thank you so much for your kind words! I have the same problem with keeping items that I might find useful, but I don't have a lot of space so I try to clear things out often.
    Just stopped by your blog, I look forward to looking through it more!


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