Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dang Grammer

So, I was pretty productive today. I discovered that our new printer (RIP old printer, you were good to us), in addiction to all the cool apps and such, lets me print onto granola bar boxes.

Our old printer use to let us do this, until it didn't. That was a sad day. I use to print all of my business cards onto granola bar boxes, then I couldn't.

I did end up with a cool stamp out of the deal, but still.

So, I was happy today when I cut the granola bar boxes to the size I needed, put them in the printer, hit print, and... they printed!

Here is what I printed.

I plan to put some of these into the Ames ArtVend machine. What is the ArtVend machine? An awesomely cool vending machine that dispenses locally produced art and other handmade items. The ArtVend is located at Wheatsfield Coop in Ames, IA. For $.25 and up, anyone in the community can purchase locally handmade items. 

So back to the printer. I also printed this

As I was getting it ready to post (you know, after printing up about 7 or so, attaching the candles, etc.) I realized that there is a typo. Stupid English language. Then and than are always so dang confusing for me. Until I make things all nice and pretty, then I am able to realize that than would have been the better choice than then.

Grrr. Oh well, I never claimed to be perfect. I think I few correctly spelled thans printed out on my label maker should fix that right up!

Happy crafting (and spelling)!


  1. hey there...cute blog! Like that quilt you are making down youngest (in college now) had soooo many t-shirts from all the sports he played and I met a lady who made a quilt with them- it was awesome for him. :) Now my dd is married to a guy who's mom passed away recently..the sister is prego with her first...they have some of the mom's coats...wondering if a baby blanket could be made with this?? sorry to hijack your comment section here! :) thanks for stopping by my blog- jane

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by and I am glad you hijacked my comment section! I love when people decide to let me know they stopped by.
    I am sure that a baby blanket from coats would be fantastic. As the child grows, the stories that can be told to go along with the blanket will be priceless.
    I made a blanket for my stepfathers grandson a few years ago using all his flannel shirts. It was the first memory blanket I made and I think, even though it was far from perfect, it will help Jimmy remember his Grandpa.
    Thanks again for stopping by!


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