Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Few New Pages

Now that I have a craft table...

How about we start there. Since moving here, my crafty mojo has been a bit off. I blame it on the fact that I didn't have a table to craft at.

For a while this is what I had to work with (and this is after moving it around a time or two).
Craft Room Makeover Jan '13 (2)

The table was really low and I had to sit on Emma's step stool to work at the table. Not so cozy. 

I had thoughts that a round table would be nice, but I was too cheap to buy one. Even a used one. So, I looked around and decided I could make one using most of what I already had. So, a quick trip to home depot, about $5 in lumber and hardware later, and I have this:

Craft Room Makeover Jan '13 (12)

Now, I can get my craft on. 

I made this journal from cardboard and pages from old books. I like to glue the old pages together to make them stronger, then paint over them. 

Anyway, here are some photos. 

Jan13 Altered Journal -Cover- By KaoticKrafter

Blank Pages
Jan13 Altered Journal -Blank Pages- By KaoticKrafter (2)
A mishmash of pages from all the books I have altered- dictionary, old novels, the kiddo's completed work books, etc. 

First Pages- To Do-
Jan13 Altered Journal -To do- By KaoticKrafter (3)

Jan13 Altered Journal -Be- By KaoticKrafter (4)

A Story
Jan13 Altered Journal -A Story- By KaoticKrafter (6)

It feels so good to be creating again. I think it might become a daily habit. 

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  1. Nice journal title and the insides too. But I noticed you posted at 11:00 pm...what are you doing up so late? Take care of yourself!
    Love, Mom/Gramma


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