Sunday, February 7, 2010

In Memeory Of Grandpa John

My step-father, Grandpa John to Emma, passed away last week. It was a huge shock for everyone. He passed away on Wednesday; fishing day with his grandson Jimmy. I wanted to do something for Jimmy to help him, so I did what I do best, I crafted. Jimmy and Grandpa John had matching fishing shirts that my mother had gotten them this past Christmas. I had Jimmy pick a few of Grandpa Johns shirts out of the closet then I made Jimmy a blanket out of all the shirts, with the two fishing shirts as the center. While we were trying to figure out what to use as the back, my mother jumped up and ran into the other room. She came back with a U.S. Army fleece panel. Grandpa John was in the Army and Jimmy plans to enter the Army when he is old enough. So, I was able to make this blanket for Jimmy.

I was also able to make a blanket for Grandpa John's granddaughter, Calla. I used the fronts of the button down shirts they had picked out as the center of the blanket. I mixed and matched the panels, then buttoned and stitched them. I surrounded the button downs with the panels from the non button down shirts.

I have to admit, I got as much therapy out of making the blankets for Jimmy and Calla, as I hope they get from snuggling the blankets.

John was a great man. He loved my mother and made her happy.
Rest in peace Grandpa John, we will miss you.

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