Friday, February 12, 2010

Working on the Job

So, here I am in warm, sunny, beautiful Arizona. Emma and I are here to help out my friend Yvonne by watching her two girls for a few weeks. We are settled in and we are starting to get into a little rhythm here at my friends house. Emma has a blast playing with Livy while Myra is at school. They entertain each other so I am free to do what I want. I had been tasked with organizing their art area (it is actually the formal dinning room that has been over run with the girls crafty/arty stuff as well as a few of Yvonne's artsy, crafty things). I enjoy that sort of thing and was glad to help out. After organizing most of the morning, I decided to break out the brand new Cricut and have a little fun of my own. I made some fun things for the girls to color, then made a few flower patterns so I could make some felted flowers (I managed to get Yvonne excited about felting so on the first day I was here, we went to the thrift stores in search of wool). Here is how they turned out.

I am making felted flowers for my friend, Lisa, to sell in her fun shop Kaza Designs. I have set myself a goal to have 20 flowers for her to choose from by March 1st. I figure that is about 1 flower per day. I made 3 today so I am doing well :)

I did manage to get the art area cleaned up and organized, but then the girls and I made it messy again. No problem, it will be fun to clean up a bit more tomorrow so we can make it messy again!

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