Friday, February 19, 2010

Sick but still crafting

The last couple of weeks have finally caught up with me and for the last 2 days I have been sick. I was felling sick enough today that I even took a nap (I hate napping, 99% of the time it makes me feel crappier)! Well, I felt worse after the nap, go figure. After some super healthy Ramen noodles (heavy sarcasm), some tea, and about an hour outside in the beautiful Tucson weather, I was feeling better.
I had started making a purse in the morning in an attempt to make myself feel better, but it only worked for a little while. Once we were done playing outside, I decided to finish the purse. I am happy to say that even when I am feeling crappy, my crafting still rocks.

Here is my argyle sweater purse.

The pictures are not the best because I was taking them in the dark (my flash seems to work best when it is dark). I plan to take more pictures tomorrow once the sun is shinning.

Super Kid Capes
A few nights ago I had been commissioned by my friend, Matt, to make capes for his girls, Myra and Livy, as well as for my Emma. I got all of the capes done, but I still need to add a letter to Emma's and Livy's. Here is how Myra's turned out.

Our time here in Arizona is almost up. We head to Phoenix tomorrow for our last few days of warmth and sunshine. My younger sister, Melisa, just moved there a few days ago and I am TOTALLY excited to see her, it has been way to long since the last time. Then it is back to cold, snowy Iowa.

We will be sad to go, but glad to be home.

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