Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick Crafty Update

I just finished updating my Ready, Set, J.E.T. blog with all the fun things we are doing here in Tucson, but I didn't want to leave out the fun and cool crafting that has been happening.

A little background; Emma and I came out to watch Livy and Myra in October. I had just taught myself to crochet and I managed to get Yvonne hooked (ha ha, pun intended as it is late and I am tired:) on crocheting. This time I was all about felting and managed to spread my excitement. Yvonne got a hold of one of my felting books, The Sweater Chop Shop, and decided she wanted to make some Ragamuffins. I think they came out awesome! I made the dinosaur and the RM with his legs crossed, Yvonne made the black and blue one. It took us a few starts and stops to get the little guys done, but we managed to finish them today (Yvonne is not as craft obsessed as I am so she felt that feeding and keeping an eye on our children was a priority :)

Yesterday I helped pack up some of the girls out grown clothes up to be shipped to their cousin. While going through the pile of clothes I found this cute little jean skirt. A little fabric liner and a fabric strap and we have a new bag.

And as promised, here are a few more pictures of the little flowers I made then added to the girls hats. Ok, so after looking at the picture again I realize that the flowers are hard to see, but the girls sure are cute!

Well, I better get to bed if I want to be rested up for tomorrows crafting!

Goodnight all!

Edited 2-16-2010 I forgot to add pictures of my first attempts at needle felting, here they are!


  1. Oh, those stuffies are so cute!!! I love them! And your needle felting looks great! I just recently began doing that, too!

  2. I love your needle felting. I attempted it this year (stabbed myself often), but haven't decided what to make with my little bits of goodness!


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