Monday, February 7, 2011

Going with the Flow

I love how life reminds me that going with the flow is so much easier sometimes.

For the last half of 2009 and the first half of 2010, I beat my head against the wall trying to figure out how to sell my creations. I twittered, facebooked, blogged, promoted, joined groups, etc. I spent more time on the computer trying to sell my stuff then I did actually making stuff (or so it felt).

I managed to sell one thing.

Around summer time last year, I said the heck with it. Trying to sell my stuff was so stressful, it was making me not enjoy the actual creating.

Once the pressure was off (and in between running all over the country) I managed to make some great stuff. I still have most of it, but I tried to give some stuff away to people who could use it.

By chance, I managed to sell some of my book purses. Well, to be accurate, my mother-in-law (the awesome woman that she is) managed to sell not just one, but 3!!!

Then, in one week, I am commissioned to make hats for two different people! (you can read about that here)

I finished up the hats for Angie while I was in AZ (a long story and one I don't really have the energy for). I shipped them off to her on Wednesday, and she got them on Saturday. Just in time for her Packers fan friend to have her hats for the super bowl.

They loved them! Nothing makes my day brighter then knowing someone is happy with something I made for them.

Actually, a lot of things make my day brighter; Emma (or the hubby) giving me an unexpected hug or kiss, a ray of sunshine on a cold, gray day, cooking something new and having it taste good, etc.

But knowing that I made someone happy just by making something for them? That is way up there.

I did remember to take pictures of the hats, but not until I was in the Post Office. The pictures did not come out great, but at least I have some :)

Packers Fan Hat (Child and Doll)

I decided to make some scarves also

One Black, One White Adult Hat

Pink Hat (Child and Doll)
with matching scarves

So, to reiterate, going with the flow works for us. Very well :)

I hope everyone is surviving this crazy winter. If you need a hat to keep your head warm for the remainder of this winter, just let me know!

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  1. I am glad you are enjoying your craft and selling a bit, too! Congratulations!


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