Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Printer Problems

So, I really wish money grew on trees, and it was earth friendly to go out and buy a new printer just because the one I currently have is being a pain in the @$$.

Once upon a time I was able to send cereal boxes and other thin cardboard through my printer. Now it wants nothing to do with the heavier stuff.

And I am extremely sad about it. I want to be able to print my own business/product cards using our recycled food boxes. It makes them recycled (which I am all about), cheap (which I am also all about), and fun (yup, all about that too).

Now I am not sure what to do. I could just print them on some old office paper/ junk mail then glue them onto the cardboard, but that seems a little waste full.

I could print them on just paper, but then they won't really hold up to anything.

I could hand write them, but then no one would be able to read them (and I don't have the patience to make out hundreds of cards - a girl can dream-).

My latest thought has been to get a stamp made. One with my name, brand, logo, and blog site on it. I love the idea of trying to make it myself, but no one around here seems to sell the stuff to do homemade stamps.

If I could somehow make one with the acrylic stuff, that would be even cooler! Then I can get Emma to help me stamp my cards.

I guess I should go look around on the web to see how much a personalized stamp costs...

If anyone would be willing to make me one in trade for some of my crafted goodies, I would be more then happy to do that!!

Here is what I want it to look like.

I realize that the image would need to be black in white, but if I could somehow get the recycle symbol and the flower outlined, I wouldn't mind adding the color in myself with markers.

Anyway, that is what I have been working/ thinking about for a few days now. But I am done trying to figure out the dang printer.

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