Sunday, February 20, 2011

When I got the latest issue of Family Fun magazine, I was super excited! There are a bunch of cool ideas in there, but the one I got the most excited about was the one where I got to use my hula hoop. Unfortunately it isn't on the website yet, so if anyone is interested in making one, I would be happy to post a tutorial.

Once Emma saw I was using her 'wula hoop' she wanted in on the project.
Da took a few photos.

Emma realized Da was taking photos...

she thought it best to wave (while I was consulting the directions).

Back to work.

Looks like a cool spider web.

Emma lost interest in the weaving so she grabbed a lollipop and a Bone book.

I decided to be sneaky about taking a photo. Stupid red eye detection gave me away. 

Close up of my weaving.

Emma reading out loud.

Apparently at some point I started pulling to tightly so I started to create a basket, or a sombrero. 

My second attempt turned out much better. I didn't have any more colored t-shirts, just some of Jared's old undershirts.

White would be way to boring. Grungy white even worse.

Bring on the dye!
My technical mixing lab. 

Blue (which looked REALLY purple)



Soaking shirts. I realized after I started soaking them that my shirt to dye ratio was off. I had 4 shirts and 6 bowls of dye. I probably should have cut them into strips first. 

Turns out my everyday scissors cut wet fabric pretty well. 

Red, orange, yellow


Finished t-shirt loops! Well, mostly finished. I wasn't patient enough to let them dry all the way, but they work just as well damp :)

The beginning. 

The end!

I did a horrible job taking photos during the process. That would be because I was watching 'Lie To Me' while crafting. I managed to get this done while watching 2 episodes (so about 1 1/2 hours). 

Which brings to mind an idea for a blog series.

 Couch Crafting. 

Might have to look into it. 

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