Sunday, June 5, 2011

Short Work

The title may not be as witty as I thought, but it is past my bedtime.

I am up late because I am super exited about the shorts that I have been making lately.

And by lately I mean yesterday and today.

Here are the ones I made earlier today.

The shorts are super comfy and I was really happy with how they turned out, except the stitching shows wicked bad (I don't use the word wicked enough anymore- I must be losing touch with my New England up-bringing).  
Oh, and I haven't added a waist yet. I was too busy wearing them :)

I made a second pair tonight. This pair I made for 2 reasons.
1. I really need shorts
2. I have this awesome fabric I bought on clearance forever ago and I want to make some shorts with it, but I want them to come out really good.

So I have been practicing. I haven't got the waist part down yet :(

The second pair I made tonight I made from a button down shirt. I think they came out pretty cool (except for the waist).

These pants have the buttons down one side and a pocket in the front and back. I sewed the button down part closed so there wouldn't be any gaps and such showing off my undies.

Any who. That is what I have been up to the last few days.

When I haven't been working on shorts, I have been getting some stuff together because I will be a vendor at the next Sample Sunday at Prairieland Herbs in Woodward, IA. I am super excited and a little nervous. I am going to be selling:
Vinyl Record Bowls and Cups

 Recycled Journals- The journal covers are made from the vinyl record covers.

Granola Notes- Blank note cards made from Sunbelt granola bar boxes and old calendars and maps.

I will also have some felt flowers and a chaotic mix of some other goodies, but I am trying to focus (for my first time anyway) on just a few of the items I make. 

If you live in the central Iowa area and are looking for something to do, stop on by Prarieland Herbs on June 12th for their Sample Sunday! 


  1. I love those shorts! And I'm quite happy that I'm not the only one who ever thought of cutting up cereal packaging and selling note cards.

    Good luck on Sunday!

  2. Thanks! If you will be at Cafe Diem on Wednesday, i will see you there :)

  3. You are awesome!! Please come visit soon!

  4. Thanks Michelle :) How far are you from the AF marathon (Dayton OH)? I probably won't run it (injuries and lack of getting my butt in gear), but I still plan to go cheer Yvonne on. Thinking of driving so I may swing by.


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