Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Latest Obsession

Ok, so I had a blast at my first vending event. Thank you very much to everyone out at Prairieland Herb for making my first event awesome and stress free!

Lets hope my first class goes as smoothly :)

Ok, so onto my latest obsession.

Art Journals!

Well, I guess mine would qualify more as junk or scrap journals for a few reasons. 
1. I can't draw. I am working on it, but really, there are very few things that I can draw well enough that someone else would be able to recognize it easily. 
2. I am addicted to adding stuff to it. Basically, if I could figure out how to  punch 2 holes in the kitchen sink, I would probably try to add that too :)

I have been wanting to make an art journal for a while. The ones that I keep seeing over at craftster.org look so cool, and I love the idea of being able to recycle. Go figure. I am not sure when I first started coveting one, but it has been a while. 

Added to that, I have been researching other ways to make journals and such and I ran across this cool woven journal cover. Once I found that, I was stuck (believe me, my arm was really being twisted) reading through The Creative Place. For hours. I loved all the journals I found there and wanted to make them all. 

Through that site (I think), I found this cool technique for making covers. 

And the straw that broke the camels back was this awesome art journal made by Phizzychick. I finally felt ready. 

I guess in the true sense, an art journal is suppose to be a visual journal. You can still write in it, but a lot of it is drawings, paintings, etc. 

I can't really do either of those, and I kinda fell off the journalling bandwagon. I didn't let that stop me. I figure the only way I will learn to draw and paint is if I try, try, try again! Until I get better at it, I plan to just keep adding cool things to my journal :)

Inchie Tree and Random stuff.
Emma's Mud Gloves and Mud Socks
The green and purple paper is newspaper that I painted with acrylic paint. A lot of the inchies (1"x1" pieces or art) that I received in swaps are in here. 

Envelope received in a swap.
Dictionary page sent through the printer.

Panda card.
Zantangles. Thinking of a B&W theme.

ATC received in a swap
Handmade paper and a note

The beginnings of Emma's art work section.

Emma holding her pigtails while sleeping. 
Bowling in Tucson :)

Awesome inchies!
Close up of the awesome inchies. 

Happy mistake- Pen holder.
I can draw flowers. Apparently.

More Zentangles
Stitched owl on denim.

Emma's early art. 

More flowers.
Collage with a few inchies.

Teddy Graham
More flowers

More flowers!!
Needle Felted Flower

Handmade paper. 
More of Emma's art.

Emma's very first drawing of a person.
Winking cowgirl or equestrienne. 

Chicken wire and wool yarn thingy. 

Tree doodle.
First attempt at bead drawing. 

Flowers with added backround.
Boarder work-in-progress.

Cool shoe tag I found on the ground. 

 I used note cards, envelopes, plastic packages, overhead projector paper, ribbon, etc. I plan to have a step-by-step how to up by Friday. 

I hope you are inspired!


  1. that is so great! very inspired! it's going on my to do list.

  2. That looks great! I think you are right to just use it as a visual journal. You can add words/drawings as you wish and that will reduce the stress to do either. Good job!

  3. Thanks ladies! I really am having fun with it. I am thinking about starting another one and going with a theme. Might just take tutorial picks as go :)


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