Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still In Love

Oh boy. I think I may end up need an entire room for all the paper people I have running through my head!

I spent more time today sketching figures than actually putting them together, but I still had a blast. Especially because if you had told me 2 months ago that I would be drawing people (not just stick people) and that they would actually resemble people (if a bit whimsical), I would have laughed. Hard.

So, long story short, I am enjoying drawing the figures as much as I am enjoying creating the finished person.

So, without more "Wah wah, wah" (you know, the noise that the adults make in the Peanuts movies);

Meet Lolyta. 
I love her. 
She makes me smile when I look at her :)

Here is Lolyta with her sketch. 
Her sketch is referred to as #8 (cause, well, she was the 8th sketch I made). 

Close up of Lolyta's skirt. You can just see her cute little shoes peaking out. 

More sketches. Actually, the rest of the pictures are sketches. I used a magazine lady as the inspiration for the pose on the left. Then I wanted to see if I could draw a man. Turns out I can :)

I REALLY want to make a cowgirl for Emma. I thought that if I could also make her a cowgirl that could sit on a horse (either drawn or cut from a book/magazine)

Sketch on the left is taken from a magazine ad with Beyonce. The right is a sketch from my imagination. Amazing isn't it :) That is also Miss Lolyta!

I have vision of including my paper people in my altered art journals as well as trying to make them into cards or little pieces of art that I can submit to our local ArtVend (an awesome vending machine with small pieces of local art in it). In order to do that I needed them to be smaller then the 9" ladies I have been making. So, I played with dimensions. 
I ended up having to switch to graph paper at one point to get it figured out. But it worked! This sketch is just over 6 inches, about 2 inches wide. Perfect for oh so many things :)

I am loosely following along with the Altered Journal Craft Along on and the theme right now is sunshine, light, and music. I had the image of a kid blowing bubbles in the sunshine, wearing a fun summer dress with some birds singing in the background. The above sketch is the pose that came to mind. Not exactly a kids body, but it will be. 

Then I thought, "Well, she could be blowing someone a kiss. But if she were, she would be in a more romantic, dramatic pose." Yeah, might take a bit of imagination to see it, but hey, I WAS ABLE TO SKETCH THIS WITHOUT THE LINES!!! 

Yes, a bit over excited, but I like the idea of being able to just whip out a sketch without having to draw all the silly measurement lines :)

I hope you had a fantastic Sunday and I hope that your week goes even better!

p.s. We decided to name the tall girl (the one on my MIL's wall) Celeste. My very first paper girly is named Sophie. And I love them all :)


  1. Good job! I love the Lolyta shiny bits!

    And yay, a link to the ArtVend. :)

  2. Your paper people are fantastic! I love them all!

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Crystal, we need a better link to ArtVend!!


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