Sunday, August 28, 2011

Classes and Workshops

Here is a quick overview of classes that I plan to offer. 
Junk Journals
Junk journals are created with recycled materials. Junk journals contain a bit of everything from paper and window screens, to envelopes and fabric scraps. Junk journals are a great way to keep junk out of the landfills and give them a new purpose.

Junk journals can be used for many different purposes; as a mini scrapbook, writing journal, art journal, planner, list keeper, etc. The uses are only limited by your imagination!

Adult Class- 12+
Kids Class- 5+ (adult assistance will be required).

Altered Journals
Altered journals are created from books that are no longer wanted or needed. Hardcover works best, but some sturdy soft covers work well also. Pages are painted, colored, torn out, added in, collaged, and generally altered in some artistic way. Some can be altered just enough that you can use them as writing journals, or each page can be a creative explosion of art. Once again, you are only limited by your imagination here. And, if you are like me and sometimes your imagination fails you, the internet is full of inspiration!

Altered journals can be a great gift created for someone else, or a wonderful book of creative and artistic memories for you to add to your personal library.

Adult Class- 16+
Kids Class- 5+ (adult assistance will be required.

Paper People
Paper people are created using recycled papers and other new, recycled, or upcycled materials. Create them as fancy or nonchalant as you wish. Paper princesses or paper paupers; paper cowgirls or paper ballerinas; the choice is yours! Fill up an altered journal or a junk journal with them!

Paper people can be used for cards, journals, paper dress up dolls, or any other fun project that requires people made out of paper!


Freezer Paper Stenciling
A great way to add some excitement to your wardrobe! With the use of freezer paper, and iron and some paint, we can make the old new again.

Kids Class 5+ - (adult assistant will be required )
Adult Class 12+-
Crayon Art
If you have a bunch of broken, worn down, or partially melted crayons, these classes would be for you. Some crayon art includes:
-Melted wax Rock Art
-Melted Wax Canvas Art
-Recycled Crayons
-“Stained Glass” Windows
-And lots more!

All ages, children under 6 will require adult assistance.

Handprint Art
Children’s art created with handprints is a great keepsake and a wonderful way to see how your child has grown. Some handprint art we would be doing include:
-Hand Tree: A tree created using scrap fabric glued onto a canvas background.
-High-five Pillow: A small pillow with your child’s handprint stitched or ironed onto the front.
-More to come for this category!

All ages, children under 6 will require adult assistance.

Homemade Art Supplies
-Sidewalk chalk
-water color paints

I will be adding to this list regularly so check back often!

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