Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Woop and a Swoop and a Lady

Holy crap I painted a person!

It all started with this cool paper dodad for collageing. (I know there is a word for collage materials, but I have no idea what it is). As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to use it as a hat for a person. I was thinking for a personal photo, or a magazine cut out.

Then Jared said it would look cool as a feather headpiece. I liked that better,  my persons head could be bigger.

I had already painted my background, so I threw some glue down towards the top of the right hand page and went from there.

I looked through a few magazines, but wasn't feeling inspired, so I decided to try to draw the head and face. The background paint was still a bit wet, so I was having a hard time with the pencil. It was getting frustrating.

I said screw it, and decided to do what I do best. Wing it.

Our came the brown paint. I just painted some hair. I like the way it looked. In fact, I was really happy that it actually looked like the side of someones head.

Then I tried the pencil again to draw the face. I could see the face in my mind, but I COULD NOT get the stupid face onto the paper with the pencil. Again, I said screw it, grabbed some paint, and just went with it. Worse case scenario, I paint over it all.

I started with a very blocking profile of a face, minus a nose. I thought the chin looked very square and manly, so I added a woop, then a swoop for a nose. I almost fell out of my chair.


No, she isn't perfect, and yes, she needs eyes and a mouth, but honestly, I am afraid to add those. I tried to add lips tonight. Thankfully I chose a pinkish color. When the lips turned out horrid, I just mixed the pink with the flesh color to give my lady a rosy complexion :) I plan to add highlights and lowlights to her hair tomorrow after I scan it. I also plan to attempt a face, once again after I scan the original. That way if I mess it up, I can always just print her out and try again. Of course, the smart thing to do would be to print her out and try it on that first...

My lady certainly isn't the best painting every, but man am I happy with how she turned out. I was so excited I got goose bumps. This is the very first painting I have done (that I can remember) where the end result turned out to be recognizable human. 

'Course, it helps when you stop telling yourself that you can't _______ (fill in the blank; paint, draw, do math, etc.). 

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you tell yourself that YOU CAN. 

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  1. Good job, lady! She looks great.

    I have to keep telling myself, and my kiddo, that all the time.


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