Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet River

Before I introduce you to River, I need to go back and tell you a bit about Where It's At. To tell you more about Where It's At, you might want to read my last about Ames

  I met a gal named Shelley at my very first Creative Collision get together. I sat next to her and we chatted about different types of sewing and flower making. It was fun. Life got crazy and I wasn't able to make any more Creative Collision's for a while. I have been going back for the last 3 or 4 months and I love it. Such a great group of people with awesome ideas about everything. I hadn't seen Shelley at the get together's, but someone mentioned that she had opened a little shop on Main St and was looking to rent shelf space to local artists.

 I managed to be brave enough to make my way in one day and Shelley and I chatted about crafty things. She was interested in the things that I make so I brought some goodies by a few days later.

Where It's At is a fun, funky, eclectic, hippy kinda store. I fit right in :) Shelley makes a lot of patchwork items; skirts, bags, shorts, pants, etc. I love all that she makes and if I ever sell enough stuff, I plan to buy a skirt :)

Well, I really like Where It's At, and I really want it to thrive, so I like to help out where I can. After all, if Where It's At does well, chances are so will I.

Shelley had a boring open sign, so I made her a new one. I will probable make another one soon, but for now, River does a great job letting people know that the shop is open.

River's skirt was made using scraps from some of Shelley's projects. The tapestry hanging behind River is one that Shelley has available in her shop. Feel free to check out the photos from Where It's At's face book page. If you see anything you like, give Shelley a call and I am sure something can be arranged.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. That is great! You are both very talented and it's great to see you collaborate like that.

    River is very cute!


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