Friday, February 3, 2012

Beeswax Birthday Candles

One of my all time favorite bloggers to follow is Julie. She blogs at Crafting A Green World, as well as on her own blog called Craft Knife. Both Craft Knife and Crafting A Green World are, obviously, about crafting, both focusing more on the recycled/organic/good for the earth type crafts. Craft Knife also features a lot of awesome posts on how Julie homeschools her 2 girls. Lots of great resources and inspiration. 

Anywho, a while ago (who knows when really) I was intrigued by the beeswax candles tutorial Julie had posted so I ordered some beeswax sheets and Emma and I made a few candles. We liked it ok, but it wasn't really what we wanted to do at the time. And so the beeswax sat forever- and yes, I did try to sell it at one point.

I am so glad no one bought my beeswax sheets. Apparently, now is the time for beeswax in our house. 

Bowl O' Wax and Wick

Emma helping out...

while watching "The Last Unicorn"

Here are some of Emma's finished candles. 

 Between the two of us, we made about 70 candles this morning. Emma will tell you proudly that she made 6. The candles are about 2" high. Perfect for our rainbow cupcakes (which I hope to make more of this weekend).

We kept a few, but we brought 64 candles over to Where It's At , a fun eclectic shop in Ames, IA. We rent a shelf there and have managed to sell enough of our stuff to pay for the shelf. Works well for me. I can keep making stuff and get it out of the house while helping out a fellow crafter and small business owner.

Tonight, I wanted to make some more candles to send to friends and family. I mean, who can't use some cute little candles?

I stared with a vinyl record bowl full of 112 2"x2" squares, which I of course forgot to take a picture of. It looked pretty similar to the first photo, only overflowing a bit.

I had enough wick to make 96 little birthday candles.

These poor little squares will have to wait till I can pick up some more wick. Or until I figure out some other fun or funky thing to do with them...

Oh! Julie also has a great tutorial for making a drawstring pouch for storing these little candles, and anything else that might be in need of a container. I made a bunch of those yesterday, super simple and a great way to use up some stash fabric. You should go check it out. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. Awww, you! Those candles turned out pure awesomeness!

    You would be horrified if you visited my house, because I have SO much random stuff squirreled away, but seriously--there is a time for everything. Your beeswax sat around like my undyed wool sits around, and yet someday, I WILL make that darn Waldorf doll, ideally not just in time for Sydney to give it to her own daughter.

  2. Wow that is totally awesome!!! LOVE THEM!

  3. Thanks ladies! Julie, I love the Waldorf dolls you have pinned, but I really am not so great at purchasing all those special supplies. Maybe someday, but not likely. Emma prefers horse to dolls anyway :) I am sure Sydney would still appreciate it, no matter how old she is when you make it for her.

    Michelle, send me an e-mail with your address so I can send some candles to you! With three little ones now, those candles will start adding up even faster :)


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