Tuesday, January 31, 2012

King Quilt

I have been working, off and on, on a quilt for Emma made up of bits and pieces of clothes she has worn and loved, as well as other bits of fabric and what not that she finds interesting. I recently added a bunch of pieces to her quilt which I blogged about here.

I have had quilts on the brain a lot lately. We are in the process of getting out house ready to sell, which means finally, finally, my hubby is ready to purge his wardrobe. Many of the t-shirts that he has were bought for a specific reason, but he is a creature of habit and typically wears the same thing every day- a white t-shirt (with some sort of logo) and blue jeans. All those colored shirts in his closet are just taking up space.

So, I convinced him to hand them over, and I did what I could to preserve the memories. 

Of course the bobby would need filling as soon as the hubby gets up to take pictures

See that pinkish lump over my left shoulder? That would be Emma sleeping in the bed that we have relocated to the family room while fixing up the bedroom. Hence the crappy lighting. 

This was my progress as of last night. This and a bunch of smaller squares and rectangles. 

Hand stitched pieces

"It has sentimental value." 

Most of the shirts from the hubby are either paintball related or Air Force related.

Here is where I am after spending a bit of time on it today.

I am currently at 56" x 43" and I need to be at about 96" x 96" for it to fit our bed with plenty of over hang. Still trying to figure out what I will use as the middle layer and how I will do the actual quilting part. Might end up knotting it.


  1. That looks awesome! I'm also obsessing about quilting. I really want to make up a bunch for xmas presents...but I've never quilted before.

  2. I felt the same way, but seeing as I am making this for us and not someone else, I really could care less if it is perfect, only that it is warm and brings happy memories.
    I just found this tutorial on pinterest yesterday. Had I found it sooner, I may have tried it out.


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