Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March Altered Journals

Yes, I made more than one journal. Here are some photos of the first one I made today.

I took the pages out of a hard cover book, made some signatures out of scrapbook paper and other paper I have had laying around for the last 4 years, and stitched them right onto the spine of the book (which I didn't take a picture of).

A folder glued to the inside front cover

I love the layers I have in this book

And all the different types of paper

More fun layers

Can't you just see horses wandering along this hill top and little doodled flowers?

Or maybe an airplane, birds, or Super Grover flying through this beautiful sky?

After making the first journal, I decided to make another. I am not entirely sure why, but sometimes I just have to go where the crafting tells me. 

Here is the second journal I made. This one is also made from a hardcover book, but the spine wasn't big enough to accommodate all the papers I wanted to include in it, so I had to make a new spine. I loosely followed this tutorial for creating the spine, as well as for stitching the books together. 

I love the fabric, and the button. Not sure if I love them together. 

(Jared thinks it looks like a pigs nose).

Very different papers, randomly placed.

Some layers, and some interesting pages I found buried in the scrapbook paper stash

More interesting pages.

This is one of my favorite papers, as well as the one below.  

I enjoyed creating both journals, but at this point, I think I love the first one, while I only like the second. Seeing as I only need one journal for March (and most likely April as well), I think I might put the second journal into a box to be opened when we move to Montana. Or maybe I will sell it. Oh the choices. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating!

p.s. All my pictures are pretty crappy because I never think to take them during the day because I am too busy creating. One of these days though, I will remember. 

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