Friday, February 24, 2012

Preparing for March

March is just around the corner. I have been using my current journal for two months, which is fine, but I am ready for a fresh start, a blank slate, a  new beginning. 

So I started working on my March/April book. I like the idea of having a journal for 2 months. If I fill it up before the month is over, I can always add more pages or start a new one, but this way I don't feel as pressured to fill it up in a month (not that I feel I need to have something on every page).  

Yesterday and today I added some functional type stuff.

Weekly planner with meal planners (week 1) in the center. 
I really wanted to have 2 weeks per spread, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to also include 2 weeks worth of meal planning. I got pretty sneaky and squished 2 weeks worth of meal planners by taping them together and creating a "3rd" page with them. Ah, more layers :)

Meal planner week 2

I love this meal planner created by Kira. You can get your free copy at Kira's website Oops, I Craft My Pants. (Isn't that the best website name every!!) I use my meal planner a lot differently then Kira talks about in her post, but I still love it, and it makes meal planning so much easier. 

 After getting all the planner stuff figured out, I found myself stamping and creating in it as well. 

 A stamp here, and a stamp there are not such a big deal, but I didn't want to get carried away. This is, after all, my March journal, and it isn't March just yet. So, off I went to find my current journal.

Apparently, today was a good creative day. Days where I am suppose to be cleaning/packing tend to turn out to be my best creative days. Imagine that.

Gesso to start, then just layering on some pinkish maroon and wiping with a baby wipe (just to see what it does). "Oh, I think I might like some green dots along the side. Oh, and a green stripe on this side..." 
I love it.

I was in love with the colors of the last page, so I made another one, but focused more on the yellow and added blue. The only green on the page is the dots along the edge and some of the tiny dots throughout the page. I used a tracing wheel to create those dots and that was a lot of fun! The other lines are made from string dipped in paint. 

My favorite page in the entire book! It started as a receipt from the library glued down, then other random pieces of paper and even some scrap window screen. I then put gesso over it all, added a few paint chip circles and some chipboard letters. The "Once upon a time" is my homemade transparency from this post (with tutorial). 

As I was doodling on the circles, I saw a cute little face appear on the one to the left. It made me think of Madeline. Then I thought, "Hey! I can use these paper circles to make a cute little girl!" 

And then Ivy was born :)   

Good thing we have a bit ton of time before we have to get all packed up to move. Not a lot is going to get packed if I keep having creative days like today :)

Happy Creating!


  1. i am visiting from OLM... that journal is stunning! wow. and you fill one up in 2 months. i can't even do that in a year! lol that is just amazing.

  2. Thanks! I don't fill every single page, and some months (like January) are just page after page of lists and scribbles. But I love knowing that if I am in the mood for a quick creative outlet, my journals is always close by. It's fun to look back through them and see how much I have improved or changed.

    Even if it takes a year, keep working on it! They are so much fun :)

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  4. (sorry, cats & keyboards do not mix well) I keep a creative/planning notebook with ideas & lists, & pic's, quite often I feel it falls out of date, the weather changes so the meal plans are not quite right, activities start & stop so the schedules are off...etc. What a great idea to create one every month or so!!! Love it.

  5. i gave you a Liebster award! get the details on my blog

  6. Misty,
    I use to have books scattered all over the house with lists, notes, and calenders, but I could never keep track of them. Keeping them all in one place makes being creative and organized a lot easier :)

    Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the award, I appreciate it but I would like to respectfully decline it.


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