Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Procraftination In Progress

You can expect to see a lot of "Procraftination In Progress" posts in the future. It is our favorite form of procrastination.

So, I should be packing up the car to head back home (Emma and I are currently visiting Gramma and Boppa), but instead I am writing this post.

I am writing this post because this morning, instead of packing the car, Emma and I drew.

Emma is working in her Art Journal 
(Duct Tape Journal with watercolor paper)

As I was working on my drawings, I let my mind wander and it started to back track, trying to figure out where this latest desire to draw came from. And that old brain figured it out! 

It all started with this spread in my Jan/Feb Altered Journals

The little grayish brown circle on the right hand page led me to create jump-roping Ivy. Ivy led me to try out anther girl.
This girl was beginning to look like Mulan, so I googled images of Mulan and did what I could. Then I decided to try drawing Crickee, and Khan (the horse). Then I thought, why not try drawing Mulan to look more like Mulan. She didn't turn out exactly, but I cut myself some slack considering I just started teaching myself to draw this past summer (and I don't practice very often).

So... I decided to give myself a bit more room and try drawing Mulan again.
Still not great, but I was pretty happy with it considering I don't like to use pencil and so did this with a marker.

I decided to try other faces. Off to google to look at face drawings.
Some came out better than others. My favorite is the left eye at the top of the right hand page.

Which led me to drawing more eyes.
The middle right eye is Emma's from the photo below.
Which of course made me want to try drawing her entire face.
Which is from this picture

Phew, my brain gets tired sometimes. This brings us back to the second photo at the top of the page.

But, just so you don't have to scroll all the way back up, here are some close ups of the four pictures I drew today.
The Thingamabob by Il Sung Na
I needed a break from faces and eyes apparently.

(we love our silly pictures)
From the same series as the silly photos of Emma up above.
And one more- Emma and Icky 
I actually colored this one because Icky just didn't look like Icky with all that white. 

Well, that about sums up our procraftination for now. Thanks for following along with my wandering brain!

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  1. So sweet! I have a couple of sketching books.... drawing is something I really want to learn to do in this lifetime. I so love it.
    So well spent time!! :)


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