Saturday, September 15, 2012

August 2012 Altered Journal - Pt. 1

I had planned to take photos of my August Altered Journal on a bright sunny day, but our camera decided to die.

It really sucks not having a camera.

So, I finally decided to just scan each page, which works, but most of the pages are fuzzy. Better then nothing.

So, here they are! There are 44 pictures so I have decided to make this a two part post. Here are the pictures from the cover to August 16th.

The beads say August, and just some other fun beads. There are other fun random bits sticking up from the edge. 

Monthly Spread
I made a calendar of inchies. The hearts are paper clip hearts made by Emma. 

August 1st
This was the first day that I taught an altered journal class. The fish print and the face on the left side are from one of the ladies in my class. 

August 1st
Clearance tags from some markers that I had bought. 

August 2nd
Collage house

August 3rd
Art is Everywhere- this was a spread that I had made in one of my larger journals. These were bits of leftovers. 

August 4th
This was a great day- we had finally gotten some rain. 

August 5th
Working on a sewing project, so I glued some bits of the fabric to this spread.

August 6th
The sewing project didn't work out exactly how I wanted, so I made some different plans.

August 6th
Emma made me some fun finger print art.

August 7th
We headed down to Iowa City so the hubby could ride one of the mountain bike trails. He wasn't sure the best route to take, so I used some tracing paper over his make to plan our a route for him while he drove. I thought the image looked cool, so I added it to my journal.

August 8th
My second Altered Journal Class. I was showing them that anything can be used as a stamp. The blue "dots" were made using the foam shelf liners glued to a piece of wood. 

August 9th
The farm that I work at a few days a week had been vandalized. Someone tried to set fire to the barn that housed the chickens. Crafting is my therapy.

August 10th
I didn't remember my journal until I was already snuggled into bed. I was too lazy to get up and make an entry.

August 11th
The tiny little picture is a reproduction of a watercolor I did of Emma. 

August 12th
"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mahatma Gandhi
A reproduction of the paper person I made for the woman I work for. 

Emma likes the dress design game on I like the dresses she makes. So, I plopped one into my journal and drew a person into the dress. 

August 14th
A bunch of randomness. 

August 15th
Packaging from some stationary inspire me to make a house scene with some trees in front.

August 15th
The houses.

August 16th
This page was made while I was in a hotel in Minneapolis, MN. The cloud picture is from a trip to the park and the picture of me and Emma taken on the 13th. 

August 16th
The paper person is a reproduction of a wood block I made. She is saying, "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you are right." All the photos are framed with electrical tape. 

Well, I think that is plenty now. If you can't wait till the next post to see the rest, you can see them on my flicker site.

I hope that you have a fun and creative day!

p.s. Here is a link to Part 2.

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