Saturday, September 8, 2012

Inspiration and Exploration

For the past week, I have been feeling creatively deprived. We got some not so awesome news, and we have been trying to adjust to it.

Apparently one way I deal with such things is to organize and rearrange. That has been the main focus this past week- rearranging and organizing a few of the rooms that we call home. The area needing the most attention was our craft zone. It was oozing into areas that were not designated as crafty zones, causing a major mess.

Now that I know we will be here another 7-9 months, I decided it REALLY needed to be cleaned, rearranged and organized.

Which meant that artsy craftsy stuff was put on hold.

Which means Mama has been a cranky girl.

Last night I told hubby that today would be a crafty day. He was fine with it, he doesn't like the cranky version of me anymore than anyone else.

With no particular creative endeavor in mind, I was happy to see this post from one of my favorite blogs in my blog roll. Emma and I both love all of Kira's work over on "Oops, I Craft My Pants." How can you NOT love a website with such an awesome name!

Kira has an awesome video tutorial of how to do a watercolor (her example of a rooster is super cute).

Emma and I watched it this morning and we were inspired! Emma was so engrossed in the video, every time I tried to say something I got, "Shh, I can't hear!"

Emma and I have played with watercolors a bit, but I have never really watched someone else use them. I mean, really, I suppose there isn't a wrong way to use watercolors, but Kira showed us a better way. And I like this better way, well, better :0)

Enough blabbing. Here is the creative exploration that Kira inspired.
Top Left: One of the horses from Horseland by Emma, Top Right: some random little inchies, Bottom Left: Hills and Sun, Bottom Right: Tree and flowers. 

The picture really is not the best. I scanned them and I should probably use the camera instead but 1. It's REALLY windy outside (where the best light is) and 2. I really would rather get back to playing with watercolors.

What inspired you today?


  1. Cool art but I saw them in real life and they are even better that way! Two very talented ladies!

  2. Awesome!!! Tell Emma that I love her horse and she is a very artistic little lady :) Way to play with watercolors :) My favorite painting is the tree and the little purple flowers by it.


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