Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lesson 35: You Can

I have rediscovered my paper people, and I am having so much fun with them. I first discovered them last August (Sassy, Lilly, and Abigail are a few I made last year) when I found the book "Collage Couture" by Julie Nutting. I had a great time with them before some other craft dragged me away.

I am not sure exactly what ignited the love for them again- possible the dresses my 6yo has been creating at, or it could just be random. Who knows.

All I know is I am having fun with them!

We have a bit of scrap lumber laying around, so I was inspired to use the scraps in some crafty way.

A scrap 2X6, some new techniques mixed with some old favorites created this:

Carly sitting on my art table. 

The new technique was the background. I started with a layer of watered down acrylics sprayed over some stencils, then I went back with a credit card and some regular acrylics. I added some collage material (and some window screen), and stamped a bit on top of that using bubble wrap.

Carly was created using text paper from an altered book, neglected scrapbook paper, and artist grade acrylics for her hair.

The saying, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right" is one of my favorite sayings.

Here are a few more photos!
Paper punched butterfly

Fun little boots! 

Carly is enjoying the beautiful day. 

 I hope that you are inspired to make something wonderful today!

Just for fun I decided to enter Carly into the September Challenge over at Unique Crafters Challenge. Wish me luck :0)


  1. Love this. The bubble wrap texture is awesome! Great quote, too.

  2. Thanks! Bubble wrap is so much fun to play and paint with :0)


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