Monday, October 15, 2012

Stash Busting- Art Roll

With our upcoming move, I realized I needed to get rid of a large portion of my craft stuff. Quickly. The movers come to pack up our stuff in less then a month.

Yikes and Yeah!

So, last night I went through my fabric stash. I have a small milk crate of actual fabric and a small suitcase of clothes for upcycling.

While sorting through my stash, I found the collar I had taken off of a jacket thing last week. The collar was HUGE and ugly and I thought I might actually wear the jacket thing if I took the collar off (turns out the coat is still ugly).

Anyway, when I was trying to decide what to do with the collar, the light bulb went on.

An art roll!

Completely from stash clothing, the art roll has 22 compartments. I filled it with sharpies because that is what Emma prefers to work with. I made a few smaller compartments for smaller sharpies, pens or pencils.

I have also been going through my mother-in-laws stash as well. I found a pack of 10 blank note cards with envelopes still in it's package. I originally thought I might use them for watercolors, but decided I really wanted to stitch on them instead.

The first five are paper stitched on paper.

The last five are fabric stitched on paper.

Well, I hope you have been inspired to make something creative!

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