Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birthday Tracker

I suck at remembering to call people on birthday's and anniversaries. I would like to do better.

So, I crafted about it.

Birthday Tracker (3)

Using a bunch of stuff I had lying around, I made up this birthday and anniversary tracker. For the heck of it, I'll bore you all with the what and how of it. 

Birthday Tracker (9)
Some of the tools I used

What I used:

An old hardcover book (just need either the front or the back)
Old scratch paper (I used a watercolor painting that didn't work out)
Paint Chips
Sticky back Velcro
Scrap Sticker Paper

The tools that I used where:
Mini folder punch
Square punch
Alphabet Stamps

All I did was punch out 12 mini folders from the scratch paper, and a ton of small squares from the paint chips. 

Birthday Tracker (10)

Fold the mini folders and staple.

Birthday Tracker

I used the scraps of sticker paper to make sure that the stamped months show up better. 

Birthday Tracker (6)

For the information, I just put the date of the event in the upper right hand corner, the name of the person in the middle, and the year of the event on the bottom (like how I hid the info?). On the back of the square I wrote the address.

On the back of the mini folder, I attached the Velcro, then stuck the other piece onto the old book cover. I punched a few wholes, braided some ribbon, threaded it through, and hung it up. 

Why do all this? 

So that at the beginning of the month, I can sit down at my desk,

Birthday Tracker (5)

pull off the current month, and send out birthday or anniversary cards, letters or postcards. 

Well, that's the plan anyway. We'll see how it all works out. 

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