Monday, June 17, 2013

Sewing Sunday

Apparently, Sundays are my day for sewing. At least the last 2 Sundays have been.

Two Sundays ago (the 9th) was my birthday, and so I spent the day making myself stuff. Emma managed to get a picture of one of the items I made, I forgot to get photos of my other new clothes.

Happy Birthday to ME 9Jun13 (14)

I had some leftover pieces from the dress, so I made Emma a shirt. 

Happy Birthday to ME 9Jun13 (16)
Check it out, she's wearing EARRINGS!

Happy Birthday to ME 9Jun13 (18)

This past Sunday (the 16th), I didn't have anything particular in mind except I REALLY needed to get Emma's riding jeans patched up. She had a major hole in the knee on one leg, and the beginnings of a hole on the other. 

Sewing Sunday 16Jun13 (4)

Sewing Sunday 16Jun13 (5)

Sewing Sunday 16Jun13 (6)

She loved the messy look of the crazy thread, which meant less work for mama, score!

I also made myself a shirt. Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of yourself wearing a shirt? Pain. In. The. Butt. 

Sewing Sunday 16Jun13 (1)

Oh, and just so Saige didn't feel left out, I whipped her up a sparkly dress to kinda match Emma's. 

Saige and Picasso (2) Walking 15Jun13 (3)

Have you done anything crafty or creative lately?

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  1. Very nice dresses, ladies. The 3rd Saige book is still not out in stores. Waiting is hard. Good thing Emma likes many other books too! Love, M/G


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