Friday, February 12, 2010

Flower Power!

I have made some more flowers today. My plan was to make some bigger flowers, but the finished product ended up smaller then I planned. Not a big deal, and now I know that I need to start with a bigger circle to get the size flower I want.

So here are the flowers that started out with a 7" circle. The finished size was about 2".

More in the same style. I cut a 4" circle from both the maroon and purple felt. The finished size was about 2".

I also made some little flowers. Here are some that started out 3" and ended up 1".

Then these ones I just used scraps and they are pretty tiny. I added them to the girls hats. I only have pictures of the one hat for now, but I will take pictures later and get the other hat on here.

All of the above flowers were made by cutting a circle, then cutting the circle into a spiral and rolling the spiral up. This next flower I made using a strip of felt that I twisted and twirled into a circle.

My next batch of flowers are gathered flowers. The first pictures are of a strip of ribbing that I gathered and stitched.

This next set I used two cuffs from the sleeves then gathered them. They turned out really neat. You can leave them as is, put a smaller flower in the center, or the cup can be folded under and a smaller flower added to the center.

I also made some cupped flowers out of red ribbing.

One more flower to go! This flower was made of separate petals folded around each other then stitched at the bottom.

At this rate, it won't take me long to get 20 flowers made! I love how easy the flowers are to make and how easy it is to start out trying to make one flower and end up with something unexpected, but still pretty cool.

I still have plenty of time today to make more flowers but I think I might make some slippers instead. Check back soon to see how they turned out!

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