Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet Lily the Paper Princess

Please say hello to Lily the Paper Princess. Lily lives in my August Altered Journal . She was drawn directly onto the page, and her name just jumped right out at me. She knew who she wanted to be. 
Her beautiful skirt  is made from strips of scrap papers. Her top is a bit of leftover scarpbook paper. She has a glittery belt made from tiny seed beads of green, with some matching seed bead leaves next to the blue flower in her hair. The background and her hair are painted with acrylics. 

 Before finishing Lily's page, I scanned her and made some mini-Lilys.

I printed out the minis and glued them to a page from a book that I painted with black acrylic. I added a few more strips of paper and colored the belt and leaves with a green glittery gel pen. I added a blue flower to the hair. I then went in and added a boarder on each of the minis. I haven't decided if I want to leave them plain or add more so they are ladies in waiting. 

I have since finished the original Lily.

I hope that you are having a fantastic Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by.

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