Thursday, December 8, 2011

Paint-To-Go: Watercolor Tutorial

I love pinterest. It rocks. Except when I spend, literally, hours pinning and repinning all the coolness that is out there.

I have been making a conscious effort to actually make or do some of the things that I have been pinning. I thought I would share this one with, well, anyone who might be reading :)

Today I am sharing how to make your own Paint-to-go activity sheets using liquid watercolor paints and watercolor paper. (Here is the pin that I got the idea from, and here is the website from where the pin originated.)

Materials Needed:
Watercolor paper - I used a 22"x30" sheet and cut it into 25 4x6 pieces. (about $3)
Watercolor paint- The liquid kind that comes in a tube. I bought the least expensive ones I could find (8pk for $5), next time I will splurge a bit for the more expensive ones, but only in the primary colors (we like to mix our own colors).

I decided to add black just because

Put a small dot of the desired colors somewhere on the page.  

As you can see, I do not make perfect dots. 

Allow the paint to dry. We left ours overnight. Then give them a test run. 

Just messing around with the paint. 

I was really impressed with how they worked out. We made up a bunch to give out as gifts. Emma and I also did a few more test pages. You can check that out by visiting us here

A few tips to pass along now that we have played with them a bit. 
1. Make your dots as flat as possible. Some of mine looked like little mountains, and that made some of the pieces break off. 
2. When stacking the unpainted pages together, it might be a good idea to layer in a piece of scratch paper or tissue paper between the paint and the page above it. The dry paint will leave marks. 
3. These work best with a paint brush and just a bit of water. We tried q-tips and they held too much water. 

Happy crafting!

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